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kanashi said...
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I grabbed Catherine on the day it came out. The game is a bunch of fun but difficult. Once you learn some of the techniques used to get through levels it can ease up a bit, but sometimes you can be at a loss.

The story is fun too; interesting, mysterious, and all sorts of trouble.

Catherine (X360)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 26/JUL/11
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I havn't seen anything about Catherine over here in Ausseland, seen the trailers and gamepaly stuff, seems interesting thats for sure.

Might pick it up if its ever on sale over here or if its even for sale over here xD
are you talking about the movie?
I assume that Kanash is talking about the game
@sharpshooterbabe Yeah I am talking about the game Catherine. Erotic Horror Platform Puzzle game. Atlus is crazy and I hope to make games like they do some day. Stuff that is outside the box. I feel they receive little appreciation for what they make.
so you are talking about indies?
@sharpshooterbabe no Atlus is a well developed Developing/Publishing Company. They worked on the Disgaea series, Phantom Brave, and now Catherine.
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