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kanashi said...
  • bored
Well I haven't been on here in awhile. I check it every now and again, but I lost my interest in GamerDNA when I received little feedback from the sites users. I attempted to use the site to recruit players for Lord of the Rings Online and Call of Duty. Not once did I get any replies to my threads or any type of notice so I kind of gave up.

But I'm back long enough to say hello and will check back to see if anyone wants to chat, game, or listen to me talk lol.
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 24/APR/07
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For the most part everyone has switched over to Gamerztech since I regret to admit GamerDNA is all but dead. Some of us are still here, but if you want to migrate with the rest of the community you should check out Gztech ;-)
A few of us still remain. GamerDNA from what I've seen has never been much of a recruitment site for clans even though quite a few come over trying. Great place to meet friends though.
I mostly hang around on WeGame, I just prefer the interface, nothing against GamerDNA, still a good site :)
I play LOTRO. You can add me as a friend on there. My username is Camfiel. I just became an Officer in my Kinship 'Stargazers'. :D
@HighSimSim Yeah, but still under construction. I hope the site comes up soon enough.
@sharpshooterbabe What server are you on? I play on Elendilmir so I can't add you unless you play there as well.
@HighSimSim Ok I will check it out, I use Raptr a bunch now as well, but I guess Raptr is more of a game tracking/Instant Messenger system.
Is Gamerztech still alive? It's been down for about a month... gDNA may be just a shell of its former self, but at least it's still here.
How did this site die :-( ? It seems pretty good
Yeah, same thing happens to me, i post every day my game activity and create game posts to start conversation but i don't get anything =/

Basically another company bought this site and the C.E.O. decided it didn't need to pay for staff so it fired pretty much everyone involved with it's development (coders, writers, marketers, etc.). Now there's only one lone guy who does crappy server maintenance once every blue moon and refuses to respond to anybody.

And from there the C.E.O. and whomever else just decided to let this site wither away. No updates have been posted, no improvements have been made, nothing.
It's just an ad farm to them now. They even killed direct links to the gDNA servers, so our gDNA siggies don't work anymore.
@Bonemane That sucks why would you let a good site just fall apart. I like the layout and the look of it if only I had money to buy it back and get it up and running again :-)
@Svoboda ad farm lol your right :-)
I tried to stay active, but with this steady decline I'm losing my interest in this site more and more. Once I find a better looking site than this with a ton of users. I'll problably never be back.
Should tell us where you go and we'll all jump on the bandwagon. Well I would at least.
Well, a bunch of people made the jump to Gamerztech, but that site has been down for over a month...
Gamerztech.com closed beta is open right now. If anyone here is interested in helping out send me a private message, I'll get you in to help test some of the sites features. Site's still in very rough shape, but anything is better than watching gDNA fall...
@TheArtofBalance Thanks for the beta add. having a blast with it. Still wandering around and getting to now it. Love it so far. Will there be a chat?
Your nudges always remind me to come check things out! Hope you have an amazing holiday season!!
Damn shame to hear about GamerDNA going down the tubes, I had no idea. Guess it's a good thing I didn't invest much time into the site since from the way you guys are talking it'll shut down any day now
Sup guys
@kanashi Im on Imladris
@Bonemane Then who is paying for this site?
@Dontherust Me too.

The server's problably been moved to some guy's old PC in his basement, which basically means expenses have gone way down for it. Any ad-revenue it gets most likely covers said expenses.

If someone was actually paying for this thing it would've problably been officially shutdown awhile ago, but it's anyone's guess since I've seen plenty of sites stay up long after they're dead at the owner's expense. I guess it all comes down to who the personality of the owner.
Raptr > Gamerdna just sayin. :-) If you want to add me on there, it's the same id (ElemWiz)
@Bonemane Lol ha ha yeah probably.
Does anyone know how i could find someone from the old crew who was working for this site? i would like to have a little chat with him/her. This site can still be saved, and it should be! It has a lot of potential!
Yah I wouldn't know, but I want this site to be kept on & working. I like it a lot & somewhere where I actually can belong to too. AhhhhH!!!!!

QforQ worked on this site. I think he works for Electronic Arts now though so its doubtful he will comeback.

His xbox live gamertag is: QforQ

Most likely you'll only be able to message him since he's picky as to whom he lets join his friends list.
Thanks so much! I want this site to live on too! :)
Its sad how its died its just been left to rot. Hope it could be revived again. I do miss having the gamerDNA badges. I used to be proud to show them off on forums. I ended up registering on Raptr least the site is active with people doing the site and doing updates for their messenger. http://raptr.com/emmieshadow its only other messenger which has xfire/xbox/playstation/steam/msn and more all in one, but it monitors game activity too which is fantastic.
@Bonemane He's probably picky to who joins his list b/c someone from this site will add him & he doesn't want to be called out on not monitoring this site anymore......that's my opinion.
@ElemWiz Yeah I'm also on Raptr as Kanashi. I like it but it doesn't have the same feel as GDNA did when it first came out. I will try to join GamerZtech hopefully it will be up soon.
Yeah I like Raptr since I joined a week ago. Ill add you as a friend on there.
It's been weird. The last couple weeks GamerDNA started actually tracking almost all my xbox live activity now. Maybe they finally worked on the server or are just prepping it so that it's nice and clean before this site is sold once again.

If it does get sold I hope the new owner treats is right and doesn't turn this into another "adult entertainment" site.
*perk* adult entertainment?

just kidding. I already have enough of those sites, but hardly enough of these.
Every once in a while, it picks up my Xfire data and says I played 50+ hours in one day.
Hey guys, stumbled upon this post so I thought I'd chime in that we've got a decent sized team behind gamerDNA now (14+ and growing). We've been making bug fixes and tweaks to better the site. Adding better API support. Further integration with gaming platforms, and planning future feature releases. We're looking into better integration of clan/guild hosting with easier ways to recruit and share game specific data through clans/guilds and game pages. I look forward to making the site what it once used to be and all feedback is welcome so if you have something to say, let us know in the forums.
- Dustin
Put the link to the forums back in the top bar.
There's a link under the "Players" menu to the forum. Let me know if you're having trouble accessing it.
I'm not having any trouble, but new members always ask us how to get to the forums. It's not obvious enough.
Ah, ok. I see what you're getting at. I'll add it to my list and see what we can do to bring it back to the parent navigation.
Actually I found out on gamepolitics.com which I posted on my thread & posted the link if you want to read it, that Live Gamer acquired GamerDNA. So that's probably why the activity for this site picked up. :D
@playforward THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I will definitely being coming back on here checking out my profile & others.....b/c last time I was on here, it was stale on the site. & I was having to go to Playfire.com & other gaming sites, which I don't mind. But this site is where I can connect with other gamers & they or yall understand gaming. Thank you again Dustin
Sharpshooterbabe, you should read about who runs gamerDNA here: http://blog.gamerdna.com/2011/07/19/the-role-of-playxpert-and-gamerdna/
Ahhhh.....thanks for making it clear.
Yeah, no problem. We're seeing a good increase in new users and we like to think it's in part to some changes and bug fixes we're doing. Let me know if you need any help or have any questions. Thanks.
Thanks. Will do.
So does that mean the site will still be active?
Well, we hope so Kanashi! otherwise the many hours we're putting in behind the scenes would be going to waste. I don't like the idea of that.
@playforward Is there any UI fixes coming soon? The site looks great but it still glitches a lot for me when I am trying to navigate. I also have trouble telling if there is still a Forum without looking at the very bottom.
I'm just glad it doesn't take forever to get from screen to screen anymore. I consider that a BIG improvement.
One thing that would be nice is a small app on your PC that runs in the background, keeps track of what games you're playing, and posts to gamerDNA automatically.
Actually the only way to keep up would be to implement something like Raptr, this may even be an IM system. However it is going to take a lot of work to set that up and if it isn't run properly, has a good UI, and doesn't function it will fail.
ElemWiz and Kanashi, all good suggestions.
A complete UI refresh is being considered and you'll start to notice improvements in small areas to start with, like the top navigation, guild hosting area, etc.
As for a chat client, or game tracker.. this has been a MAIN area for discussion and is already under development along with a mobile app.
I'm all for something like raptr, but better. Maybe add features that xfire has for PC gaming like video recording. Would be great if you could somehow have a feature that records gameplay of consoles hooked up to the monitor as well.
Hell yeah I love the ideas.
What do you guys think of the new header tweaks for better UI/UX flow?
@playforward I checked today and everything seems to run a little more smoothly.

If you guys are focusing on an App for the Iphone, etc. Please please test it thoroughly and if it seems like the app isn't going to function then don't put it out. A lot of groups put out an app that malfunctions and has bad scripting which in turn makes people lose interest.

Is there a forum post that relates to suggestions and improvements where a discussion is already started about what has been mentioned thus far?
Yeah, the app is planned to be for iPhone and Android. I haven't really had my hands on the development other than a couple creative items.

The support forum is the best place to post bugs and feature requests. The mobile app doesn't yet have a thread started but I'm sure one will be started once it nears completion and some beta testing needs to be done.
@playforward Alright, I will keep an eye out for it. Let me know if any help is needed I have some experience with design.
alright, I appreciate the offer! We're always open to suggestions, feedback, and coding/creative help where we can get it! :)
Hi Kanashi,
Playforward pointed me to your post! We would LOVE to have someone help us with deciding which signature to retire and create new ones! If you're interested, let our community guy know: pfry@gamerdna.com - or just reply here. gdna needs some tlc, and if you want to own signatures, it's yours :)
@teemo Sure I will shoot him an email in the near future.
I've got some free time. Gimme something to do. Oh and I like the new headers.
I'll give you something to do, Bonemane. Nom all my posts!
Just got an e-mail notifying me about the new leadership and plans for the future, great news...brought me back here
Oh don't worry Darkness, I haven't been on either b/c of work a lot! & playing my games.
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