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Moriken Recruiting for Tera

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Moriken is recruiting players who wish to make friends, complete content as a group, and be the best we can. We are always looking to make new friends and add to our community of excellent players and amazing people. We make things fun or at least attempt to make everything we do fun. In the past we have been the top guild on the server and have completed a great deal of content faster than most guilds. We don't claim to be the best, that is a foolish choice of words, but that doesn't mean we cannot continue to be the best we can and come out on top.

Here are some features of joining our community:

*Ventrilo - great times are to be had on vent and we invite our members to hop and and chat.
*Website - we have an ever evolving website to keep members updated and informed on the games and events we are hosting.
*Coming soon we offer contests with prizes such as Game Time and much more.
*Experienced leadership that can help and lay the way for those in need of support.
*Fair policies for things such as loot & gear.
*Community crafting and development in games to help gear and promote member relations.

Goals for Tera

Tera seems to be a fresh game in a market saturated by WoW-likes. We plan to enjoy the game to its fullest but most of all we do plan to take control of a few things. As a guild we will run for Vanarch. This is still to be discussed much but we plan on winning the control of a zone and the support of our members is key to this victory. We plan to compete the most high end content, gather gear, and distribute the resources among the guild as we can. Once PvP is settled into the game a bit more we will open up possibilities of doing battlegrounds in groups as a regular event.

Again we are a great community open to suggestions by all our members and in turn you as a member help define our guild. Hope to see you in Tera!

Guild Server - Arachnaea

If you have any further questions please contact me and visit our guild website http://moriken.enjin.com.


Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 01/MAY/12
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